The Hills
Esthetic Center

128 N. Campbell, Chicago IL, 60612

Past Shows
Aug 9-Sep 13Organized by Max Guy and John-Elio Reitman, My Heart Is Empty: Psychology
Apr 25-May 31Marcel Alcala, The Mayor
Nov 8-Dec 7Jacques Louis Vidal, Nothing is Possible In There is No Future
Oct 4-Oct 26Sara Condo, Cowgirl in the Sand
Aug 23-Sep 21Haynes Riley, A L W A Y S
Jun 14-Jul 12Christopher Meerdo, #BRUTEFORCEFIELD
May 10-Jun 6Curated by Matt Morris, Miss Kilman and She Were Terrible Together
Apr 4-May 2Jonah Susskind and Greg Ito, Something Other Than
Feb 14-Mar 21Hope Esser and Daviel Shy, Take Aim
Sep 14-Oct 27Ben Foch and Chelsea Culp, Madam, Thou Art Bonkers.
Jul 22-Sep 1Tyson Reeder and Jim Drain, A Nerdier Red
May 11-Jun 23Lorraine Dauw, NANCY DREW TITAN SAVOR
Mar 23-Apr 20Jonathan Fields, Circus Lemonade One
Feb 2-Feb 23Nick Bastis, In Order to be Company
Nov 17-Dec 9Sarah Mosk and Bryan Lear, The Distance Inward
Jul 14-Aug 18Jacob C. Hammes, 21 Motorcycles
Jun 9-Jul 8Dmitri Hertz, Kate Levant, Emilie Waterhouse. Curated by Maude Standish, Growth
May 26Steven Bos and Susan Lanting, Natural Born Artists
May 19Thorne Brandt, Chris Collins, Wikid Games
Apr 14-May 13Paul Erschen, NEWPORT ROOM
Mar 24-Apr 1Ben Fain, Claire Fontaine, Peter Hoffman, Martin Kippenberger, Selina Trepp, Madam Vincent . Curated by Brandon Alvendia, The Physical Impossibility of a Hangover in the Mind of Someone Drinking
Feb 10-Mar 4Aron Gent, Nick Ostoff, Sophia Rauch, Isaz: Ice is Bark of Rivers
Nov 18Seth Sher, Nominal Mystique
Oct 21-Oct 23Collaborative Installation with New Capital, MDW FAIR, Fall Showcase
Sep 10-Oct 9Group Show, Beach Party IV, Forbidden Pair of Dice (the Final Chapter)
Jun 11-Jul 22Noah Furman, Frankenstein’s Raga
May 21-Jul 3Brandon Anschultz and Adam Farcus, Ingredients for Humble Magic
Apr 30-May 14Matias Arganaraz, Dick Cowan, Austin Eddy, Everlasting Banquet
Apr 23-Apr 24Group Show, MDW FAIR: Visual Arts Landing
Apr 2-Apr 21Caroline Carlsmith, New Ending
Mar 12-Mar 26Karen Bovinich and Ej Hill, There’s no I in It
Feb 12-Mar 26Maren Miller, Long Gone
Dec 4Silent Auction, Christmas FUNraiser
Oct 29-Nov 20Le Dernier Cri, Dirty Eyes
Sep 24-Oct 16Caitlin Arnold, Girls
Aug 28-Sep 10Group Show, Beach Party 3
Jul 23-Aug 14Jessica Taylor Caponigro, Looks like a Place I came in
Jun 18Acre Group show , Remembering the Future
May 14-Jun 10Joseph Mohan, You Can It Your Own Way (if it’s done just how I say)
Apr 16-May 1Katy and Scott Cowan, Braided Bread
Jan 22-Feb 20Mike Kloss, The Hills Have Thighs