The Hills Have Thighs

Mike Kloss

January 22 – February 20, 2010

The Hills Have Thighs” features a mini-retrospective of Michael Kloss’ darkly imaginative pen and ink drawings, colorful detritus sculptures, and idiosyncratic minimal collages. Curated by his closest friends, this exhibition sifts through the deep pile of Kloss’ work and puts forth a strong display of his unique style. Kloss’ work ravages the pits of emotional, social and cultural despair in an effort to shed a hopeful and humorous light onto his own condition. This prehistoric sludge of lost love, drug and alcohol inducement, fear of society and the dark north woods all work towards the bright light of love and lust, purity found in nature, the warm tropics and humor over pop culture. Omnipresent are figures, cartoon-like blobs, and animals fixed in Kloss’ imaginary landscapes that reveal themselves to be alive. Rocks, mountains and hills develop breasts, eyes and thighs, grounding Kloss’ acid-soaked visions of the surrounding world. Through the development of composition, radical sense of humor, and acute attention to his intuition, grows a dark (and grimly hopeful) world. With darkness there is light.