Looks like a Place I came in

Jessica Taylor Caponigro

July 23rd – August 14th, 2010

A solo exhibition of Jessica Taylor Caponigro’s work; a site-specific installation titled “Looks Like A Place I Came” In. Caponigro’s response to the space respectfully takes into account the existing architecture as a means of interacting with her brought in constructions. Drawing influence from her family’s history by means of the decadent lacy fabrics juxtaposed with gaudy laminate flooring that surrounded her elder’s homes, Caponigro employs these dichotomies in her installations. Contorting sheets of fake cherry wood with a jungle of living houseplants to form contemporary sculptural forms, screen-printing temporary wallpaper of lace patterns, and covering the walls with AstroTurf to question the functionality of this fake grass are a few examples of her play. Jessica questions the integrity of each and every object in her installation to highlight their elegance and beauty, while at the same time emphasizing their immanent failure as a quality to be revered.

Caponigro is particularly concerned with the failure of domestic materials and their ability to maintain beauty after mass production, compromised material, and displacement from their luxurious origins. The materials are manufactured with the intention of deceiving the viewer into believing that the simulations are equivalent to the articles they reference. She tactfully chooses domestic patterns as a means of reaching her viewers through material familiarity. Caponigro’s intention is to create work in which proscribed relationships of the seemingly recognizable are called into question along cultural, domestic and personal expectations.