Beach Party 3

Group Show

August 28th – September 10th 2010

Artists participating include past exhibitors, invited artists/musicians, and organizers of The Hills including; Caitlin Arnold, Michael Boles, Jessica Taylor Caponigro, Olivia Ciummo, Sarica Douglas, Deep Earth, Ron Ewert, Michael Hunter, Leo Kaplan, Katy Keefe, Nicole Kita, Michael Kloss, Ben Marcus, Joseph Mohan, Sara Mosk, DJ Rad Pitt, Dustin Ruegger, Margaret Taylor, Frank Van Duerm, Kate Walsh and Lauren Walsh.

The Beach Party is a yearly art event/party that takes over the entirety of the gallery space, allowing artists to create large, temporary and interactive work, or small, thoughtful pieces that may get sprayed with water. We have invited a range of artists working locally and nationally to playfully address the theme of summer. Harking on all senses, beach cover bands provide music, inflatable sculptures, video, photo, murals and more address the visual, while misters and super-soakers cool down the viewers in the heat of this spectacle.