Paul Erschen

Saturday, April 14th – May 13th, 2012

Sparked by an ongoing habit of collecting discarded cigarette packs, "Newport Room", presents a stubbornly incomplete taxonomy of anonymity, suspicion, and excess. Including an installation of screen prints, several hundred archived mentholcigarette packs, and a grouping of cast-object assemblages, "Newport Room" reveals Erschen's preoccupation with the ambiguities of trash and the folly of urban legends.

Paul Erschen is an artist and musician who lives and works in Chicago. Erschen's recent studio practice involves sculpture, printmaking, mold-making/casting, and archiving. Recent exhibitions include: "West Plaza" at Document Gallery, "Group Hug" at Co-Proseperity Sphere, and "Recipes for Mold And Sun", a collaboration with Rachel Ettling, at Roxaboxen.

This show is a part of the ACRE Residency’s exhibitions calendar
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Paul Erschen: