Something Other Than

Jonah Susskind and Greg Ito

4.4.2014 - 5.2.2014
Opening Reception: Friday, April 4th 7pm

Sit tu vuex réussir l’existence d’un __________, investis-le d’espace interne, cet espace qui a son être en toi. Cerne-le de contraintes. Il est sans borne, et ne devient vraiment un __________ que s’il s’ordonne au sein de ton __________.

If you want to achieve the existence of a __________, invest it with inner space, this space that has its being in you. Surround it with compulsions, it knows no bounds, and only really becomes a __________ if it takes its place in the heart of your __________.

For their first exhibition in Chicago, Bay Area artists Greg Ito and Jonah Susskind present Something Other Than. This exhibition is a synthesis of collaborative as well as individual works that coalesce through a shared approach to material and process. Beginning with the notion of an imaginary potential event, this exhibition has grown into something other than.


Greg Ito is a San Francisco based artist with a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute – SFAI. Ito is a co-founder and assistant editor of SFAQ magazine, and co-founded Ever Gold Gallery (San Francisco). Ito is currently moving his practice to Los Angeles, CA.

Jonah Susskind is an Oakland based artist with a BFA in sculpture from Pratt Institute. He is a co-founder of S.H.E.D. Projects (Oakland).