The Mayor

Marcel Alcala

4.25.15 - 5.31.15
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 25th, 7pm

Bleed baby cuz honey you've been caught! Don't fuck with US honey because youv'e already brought. IT. ON. TO. YOURSELF.
Since day 1 when you killed our people and made us beg. Now it's time for you to beg. MR. MAYOR. Manipulative FUK. We got words for you. CNX2 is here to bring light to THIS. "SITUATION." MHMM. You thought you got away but NOPE. We'll find you anyway.

Time for you to BEG!

Mr. Mayor.

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Marcel Alcala (b1990) creates events, and encounters that upend the expectation of art as a discrete work exhibited for a specific period of time. Often collaborating with artists and specialists in fields such as science, literature, film, music, and architecture, Alcala ventures outside of institutional structures to contextualize his work in public space. Alcala’s diverse practice includes performance, live situations, installations, objects, and drawings. He graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012, and currently lives in Los Angeles. Here, he organizes exhibitions at the McDonalds on Sunset in Silverlake, researches and enacts "Clown" performances around the country (including a recent commission by LAXart in Hollywood and an evening at Night Club in Chicago), does Improve in real time called CNX2 (Creating New Content Now), and writes poetry on identity politics and the future/status of the "brown" body. Like the socially necessary figure of the clown that fascinates him, Alcala uses humor, play, and the absurd to level essential critiques at the extremes and everyday banalities of societal power.